Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (2x11-speed)
  • pretty_bullet.png More controllable and confidence in race condition
  • pretty_bullet.png Optimally balanced hydraulic brake system for racing
  • pretty_bullet.png Dedicated brake lever shape, stroke, contact point, stiffness and dedicated shift paddles
  • pretty_bullet.png Lightweight
  • pretty_bullet.png Carbon composite plastic material of hood
  • pretty_bullet.png More intuitive, quicker shifting operation
  • pretty_bullet.png More defined click feeling and ergonomic shift lever position
  • pretty_bullet.png Customizable function to fit any riding style
  • pretty_bullet.png Each switch has the option for multi-shift ON or OFF
  • pretty_bullet.png E-TUBE project
  • pretty_bullet.png Optimum power transmitted with grip firmly
  • pretty_bullet.png Ideal ergonomic cover shape with better thickness & tenderness
  • pretty_bullet.png Openable hood cover
  • pretty_bullet.png Simple set up and maintenance
  • pretty_bullet.png Easy replace hood cover
  • pretty_bullet.png Openable hood cover
  • pretty_bullet.png Customizable the function to fit in rider's riding style

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