Deore XT HOLLOWTECH II Crankset (3x11-Speed)

Ride anywhere 11-speed rider tuned gearing. The power to choose how and where you ride. Consistent shifting performance and enhanced chain management. Optimal balance of durability and lightweight. High efficient and precise shifting.
  • pretty_bullet.png Various choices for bike and riding style.
  • pretty_bullet.png More durable chainwheel teeth.
  • pretty_bullet.png New 3D composite chain ring's teeth composition is optimized for each chainwheel load out (1x11, 2x11 & 3x11) with steel driving gear teeth and aluminum support gears.
  • pretty_bullet.png Improved driving rigidity.
  • pretty_bullet.png Loose ratio gear combination for minimum shifting gap and maintaining rhythm.
  • pretty_bullet.png Enhanced chain retention.
  • pretty_bullet.png Better sealing and better rotation.

Especificação do Produto

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Número do Modelo FC-M8000-3
Construção do Pedivela HOLLOWTECH II Technology
Compatibilidade do Cassete 11
Coroas com 4-Braços x
Tamanho das Coroas 40-30-22T
Diâmetro do Círculo do Parafuso P.C.D. 96/64mm
Comprimento do Pedivela 165, 170, 175, 180
Linha da Corrente 50mm
Largura do Movimento Central 68, 73mm