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Big Pit/Carp

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Quick View aero_technium_mgs_xtb_v1_m56577569830902873.png Aero Technium XT-B Magnesium

The Aero Technium MgS has everything a serious distance casting carp angler could want... ultra light, Super Slow Oscillation and 'cult' matt black finish.

Quick View ultegra_ci4_xtb_v1_m56577569830902938.png Ultegra CI4+ XT-B

Shimano's Ultegra XT-B utilizes ultra lightweight CI4+ material to create an extremely light reel that benefits from Slow Oscillation for extreme casting distances.

Quick View aerlex_xta_v1_m56577569830902866.png Aerlex XT-A

The Aerlex offers outstanding value for money without cutting back on quality and is also available in a high speed Spod version.

Quick View beastmaster_xta_v1_m56577569830902890.png Beastmaster XT-A

This powerful big pit reel is suited to all kind of big-water work; with a quality line lay generated by Aero Wrap II.

Quick View 4x3_speedcast_xtb_v1_m56577569830985973.png Speedcast XT-B

X-Ship Gearing and Slow Speed Ocillation make this reel capable of extreme casting distances and encased in a subtle finish that will appeal to all Carp anglers.

Quick View 4x3_ultegra_xtd_v1_m56577569831018356.png Ultegra XT-D

Packed with unique features like X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation 50, Aero Wrap II and Instant Drag the carp angler can be confident to challenge the biggest and most sought after carps of all big lakes and rivers.