Light reel battle

Stradic CI4 vs Stradic FJ image

Comparing the Stradic Cl4 with the Stradic FJ

Shimano’s huge range of reels never seems to disappoint any keen angler. Whether it be for bait fishing, lures or soft plastics there is always one reel that you can rely on. Today, we will be comparing the two much talked about and compared reels, the Stradic CI42500F and the Stradic2500FJ. 

Both reels aesthetically look pleasing to any fisherman, but really, what is it that differentiates the two reels in regards to performance and fishing? 

Lets start with the Stradic CI42500

Firstly, this reel looks and feels nothing like the Stradic 2500FJ. That's probably because they are both completely different in many ways. The CI4 stands for Carbon interfusion with the 4 referring to the number of electrons in the carbon atom. Basically this means that the reel is made with Carbon Fiber material, which equates to the reel being ultra-light weight, boasting up to 25% weight reduction then that of similar sized reels. Because it does not contain metal, it is impervious to rust. This lightweight reel ultimately leads to the angler being able to cast lures or soft plastics for hours on end without getting tired. 

Besides the obvious color difference, the Stradic CI42500F comes in a darker black feature with a chrome red spool. Instead of the traditional knob for the handle, the CI42500F features a round EVA handle grip that feels and looks more modern. All in all, the Stradic CI42500 is ideal for precision lure casting for everything from trout to jewfish. 

The Stradic FJ

The Stradic 2500FJ returns to the pearl white colour and is a classic Shimano reel that has been long regarded as the most value for money reel available on the market today. The main difference of this reel and the CI42500F is that the new Stradic 2500FJ comes with X-SHIP. This new gearing features a magnificent rotating performance, which gives you an incredibly smooth retrieve. It has an increased gearing efficiency and power providing for an ultra light handle rotation. This leads the Stradic 2500FJ to be of winding with little effort, with a smoother, less stop-start rotation even under the heavy load of a hooked fish. 

Thanks to the Power Roller III bail roller via the one-piece bail arm, braided or fused gel spun polyethylene are prone to reduce line twists.

The Stradic 2500FJ may be suited to put on bigger baits and/or lures and soft plastic as it may feel to balance with the reel a bit better then the Stradic CI42500F due to the weight being heavier. 

Overall, depending on what you want to target and whether it be for throwing lures, soft plastics or bait the Stradic CI42500F will suit the angler looking for a reel they can work with for long durations with less to none strain on the arm. The Stradic 2500FJ is for the angler looking for an ultra-smooth retrieve and potentially targeting larger fish with less effort thanks to the X-SHIP.