Nick Speed put's the new Rarenium to the test

by Nick Speed

21st August 2014

Nick Speed spent a fantastic day out fishing for bream when he set his stool out to target the large shoals he knew inhabited a local river system. The Shimano and Dynamite Baits angler was putting the NEW Shimano Rarenium Ci4 3000SFB and Ultegra Precision AX Feeder through their paces for the first time and they certainly received a work out! Fishing for no longer than 5-hours, Nick managed to put no less than 80lb of bream on the bank, consisting of around 15 superb, jet black specimens.


The NEW Rarenium Ci4

With heavy streamer weed growth being evident all the way along the stretch, Nick opted to load his reel with the Technium Invisitec mainline in 0.18mm diameter. This ensured that any fish that was hooked could safely be landed within the dense weed beds.

Even though the Rarenuim is a very small and lightweight reel, the addition of X-Ship makes sure that it has plenty of power to crank the fish through the weeds.

Unlike traditional bream fishing tactics, Nick made the decision to use a tactic more aimed at commercial style carp and decided to employ the method feeder with a fishmeal groundbait. Even though large river bream may not see a lot of fishmeal, they do not take long to switch on to it. Nick put full faith in his standard commercial fishery mix of Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Groundbait and Swim Stim Green Groundbait, with his chosen hookbaits being 6mm XL Carp Pellets and 10mm Crave boilies.

The NEW Ultegra AX Precision Feeder rod

The fish came straight away from the off and proved instantly how even these wild bream can be turned to the fishmeal pellet approach very quickly. In fact, they were feeding on it so violently that streamer weed could be seen floating to the surface throughout the day where they were ripping the bottom up to find their next meal.


Just part of Nick's bream catch


Never neglect the rivers!