Great Start for Macmillan

Iain Macmillan

16th December 2014

Shimano’s Iain Macmillan has got off to a great start with his cold water carping this winter, landing a number of fish including commons and mirrors both weighing over 20lb.  Iain has put in the extra effort to prebait the water he is fishing in order to keep the fish feeding throughout the winter and has had all of his success during day sessions.

Iain takes up the story…


I have been baiting this lake for the last few weeks with a fair amount of Monster Tiger Nut and it's already paying dividends. I simply pop up a couple of days before and stick in 2 to 3 kilo in a few likely looking areas then actually fish 48 hours later for the day. I tend not to do loads of winter nights as the long hours of darkness drive me insane, so short days keep my fire lit.
On my first trip last week I had one on a long running chod first trip but with little bottom debris I thought I would change tactics to a rig I've been itching to try for a few years, finally it was called for. I tied three multi rigs up as I still wanted to use pop ups, but with a multi rig you can lower the pop up considerably so it is simply hovering above the bottom. I also switched form the white Source pop-ups I used on the first trip to a 10 mm pink Crave pop up. As you can see its still all about the visual for me, despite feeding lots of monster tiger nut I don't mind fishing a fishmeal bait over the top.


The first bite on my latest trip was a lovely common of 21lb 8oz and as you can see the hookhold was bang on, as was the smaller fish which I bagged just before packing away. This again shows that fish will pick up a fishmeal bait even during the colder months.
The hooks I was using were Razor Point SRC in a size 5, which suit the 10 mm pop ups perfectly. That said I am going to have a play around with the Short Curve Shanks as I know successful multi rig users like Julian Cundiff rate this style of hook slightly better for the multi rig. All fish were tamed on my Shimano Tribal Velocity 2.75lb rods teamed up with X-Aero 10000 Baitrunner reels – the perfect set up for smaller water carping!


I must give the lakes resident pony a mention, he too can't get enough of the Monster Tiger Nut, the gutsy thing was even hitting the wooden fence with his trotter to get my attention to feed him a bit more, awwwwwwwww! I am really looking forward to the next session on my little piece of heaven tucked away in rural Shropshire.