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match and feeder rods
Quick View speedcast_match_v1_m56577569830908772.png Speedcast Match

The Speedcast's HPC200 + Biofibre carbon blank provides exceptional balance and tip speed whilst keeping overall weight down to a minimum. The Ideal rod for match anglers requiring high quality, responsive performance.

Quick View super_ultegra_ax_match_v1_m56577569830908781.png Super Ultegra AX Match

Our Super Ultegra range of match fishing rods built an extremely credible reputation throughout its initial launch. The new AX range looks set to follow suit with their stylish looks and light, responsive blanks.

Quick View aernos_match_v1_m56577569830908636.png Aernos Match FA

The Aernos has all the features of a great match rod and its modern design, as well as matching cosmetics of our Aernos reels, will help it score well too.

Quick View alivio_cx_match_v1_m56577569830908646.png Alivio CX Match

This entry level rod is produced from XT30 carbon with added Geo-fibre and reinforces Shimano's commitment to producing great rods in all categories.

Quick View fireblood_feeder_v1_m56577569830908736.png Fireblood Feeder

The Fireblood Feeder offers outstanding performance combined with stunning black and red graphics. It is both very light and extremely responsive, making it perfect for top match anglers who want the best actions available.

Quick View speedcast_feeder_v1_m56577569830908770.png Speedcast Feeder

The Speedcast feeder range covers all feeder methods from short to extreme range. They are stiffer in the butt section than most other rods, which gives them far superior casting performance.

Quick View super_ultegra_ax_feeder_v1_m56577569830908780.png Super Ultegra AX Feeder

The Super Ultegra name has become synonymous with quality and anglers have learned to appreciate the superb performance these rods have to offer. No matter what you're after, there is a rod in the range for everybody.

Quick View aernos_feeder_v1_m56577569830908635.png Aernos Feeder

The Aernos Feeder is one of the most visually outstanding rods in the Shimano feeder range. Built on a XT60+ carbon blank, the Aernos won't let you down.

Quick View alivio_cx_feeder_v1_m56577569830908645.png Alivio CX Feeder

The Alivio range is made up of competitively priced feeder rods available in light, medium and heavy versions.

Quick View aernos_winkle_picker_v1_m56577569830908639.png Aernos Winckle Picker

For those anglers who prefer light feeder/ledger fishing on smaller waters and at close range, we have developed the Aernos Winckle Picker.

Quick View vengeance_winkle_picker_v1_m56577569830908847.png Vengeance Winckle Picker

The Vengeance Winklepicker is built on a XT30 + Geo-fibre blank which has a blended fish playing action for use with light lines and small hooks.

Quick View forcemaster_commercial_v1_m56577569830908743.png ForceMaster AX Commercial

The Forcemaster AX Commercial range really has to be seen to be believed. For the price, there is very little on the market that can compete - outstanding value for money guaranteed!