The triple core technology in Technium mono has always made this one of the best lines on the market but new Japanese technologies have made it not only thinner but stronger!!A triple core construction not only provides excellent strength but reduces the stretch of the line as the center layer is solid, most mono's stretch 25%+, Technium around 12%! This not only vastly increasing casting distance, it makes bite detection much sharper without the fear of fish loss. The solid center gives this line its excellent sinking properties. The 2nd layer gives the line its suppleness, which is apparent the second you take it off the spool. From the first cast the lack of memory makes reaching great distances effortless, the lack of coiling again only aids bite detection. A final ultra thin layer of UV protection is applied this gives the line its silky smooth finish, again aiding casting and ensures the lines longevity, something Shimano are synonymous for within the reel industry.
  • colour_v1_m56577569830909655.png Grey
  • material_v1_m56577569830909648.png Nylon
  • made_in_v1_m56577569830909656.png Japan

Product Specifications

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Spool length options 200m-300m-450m-600m-650m & Quarter Pound spools
Colour options Grey
Diameter options 0,16mm-0,40mm
Breaking Strength options 2,60kg-14,00kg
Material Nylon
Made in Japan
Packaging Carton Box / Premium Box / Quarter Pound Spool

Item code Description Spool Colour Diameter Breaking strength kg Breaking strength lb
TEC20016 Technium 200m 0,16mm 200m Grey 0,16mm 2,60kg -
TEC30QPPB Technium 1100m 0,30mm QP 1100m Grey 0,30mm 8,50kg -
TEC20QPPB Technium 2480m 0,20mm QP 2480m Grey 0,20mm 3,80kg -
TEC22QPPB Technium 1920m 0,22mm QP 1920m Grey 0,22mm 5,00kg -
TEC25QPPB Technium 1530m 0,25mm QP 1530m Grey 0,25mm 6,10kg -
TEC28QPPB Technium 1330m 0,28mm QP 1330m Grey 0,28mm 7,50kg -
TEC40QPPB Technium 620m 0,40mm QP 620m Grey 0,40mm 14,00kg -
TEC35QPPB Technium 790m 0,35mm QP 790m Grey 0,35mm 11,50kg -
TEC45040PB Technium 450m 0,40mm 450m Grey 0,40mm 14,00kg -
TEC25BLK5000 Technium 5000m 0,255 Bulk 5000m Grey 0,25mm 6,10kg
TEC28BLK5000 Technium 5000m 0,285 Bulk 5000m Grey 0,28mm 7,50kg
TEC30BLK5000 Technium 5000m 0,305 Bulk 5000m Grey 0,30mm 8,50kg
TEC35BLK5000 Technium 5000m 0,355 Bulk 5000m Grey 0,35mm 11,50kg
TEC18QPPB Technium 2990m 0,18mm QP 2990m Grey 0,18mm 3,20kg -
TEC60035PB Technium 600m 0,35mm 600m Grey 0,35mm 11,50kg -
TEC20018 Technium 200m 0,18mm 200m Grey 0,18mm 3,20kg -
TEC20030 Technium 200m 0,30mm 200m Grey 0,30mm 8,50kg -
TEC20020 Technium 200m 0,20mm 200m Grey 0,20mm 3,80kg -
TEC20022 Technium 200m 0,22mm 200m Grey 0,22mm 5,00kg -
TEC20025 Technium 200m 0,25mm 200m Grey 0,25mm 6,10kg -
TEC20028 Technium 200m 0,28mm 200m Grey 0,28mm 7,50kg -
TEC30025PB Technium 300m 0,25mm 300m Grey 0,25mm 6,10kg -
TEC30022PB Technium 300m 0,22mm 300m Grey 0,22mm 5,00kg -
TEC65030PB Technium 650m 0,30mm 650m Grey 0,30mm 8,50kg -
TEC30028PB Technium 300m 0,28mm 300m Grey 0,28mm 7,50kg -
TEC30030PB Technium 300m 0,30mm 300m Grey 0,30mm 8,50kg -
TEC30035PB Technium 300m 0,35mm 300m Grey 0,35mm 11,50kg -
TEC65028PB Technium 650m 0,28mm 650m Grey 0,28mm 7,50kg -
TEC40BLK5000 Technium 5000m 0,405 Bulk 5000m Grey 0,40mm 14,00kg